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Hello Phasers,

Zenes will be launching Tuesday, Feburary 16 at 5PM

The pack will be updated at 3PM. Make sure to update the pack to be able to join!

Zenes Relaunch

[Owner] Prodkid a posted Feb 12, 16

Hello Phasers,

We are happy to announce that Zenes Server will be re-launched Very Soon

More information is coming soon

There willl be an update on the main pokemon pack found here.

The Zenes Re-launch introduces a few new mechanics. Check out the server to find out!

The ip is play.bulletphase.com but is also prebundled with modpack.

[Staff] mommalinda did I see that Pam's Harvestcraft is gone? I hope I heard that wrong because I very much enjoyed that
dragonguy00 Will the pokelite pack be getting an update so it will still be compatible with the server? or Will it just be the main ...
Teamspeak Server
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